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Kids clothing MANGOOD003

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Mangood's service pledge:
Guangzhou Mangood(Hongkong) GARMENT Ltd. takes customers' satisfaction as a starting point and provides 48-hour nationwide full service. We attachs importance to

Mangood's Pre-sales Services:
Mangood is in strict accordance with ISO9001: 2000 quality management system to operate, comprehensive and rigorous monitoring of the raw materials from the plant into the factory to finished the whole process, in order to ensure that the pass rate reached ministerial standards.
Performing groups tailor-tailored process, sets the code to ensure the accuracy of the process in the tailor. All customized data computer owned yards, and all the amount of body personnel, computer files by name, one by one. For special [special body] tailor who performed the registration of files and individual sewing.

Mangood's Sale of Services:
1. In accordance with the regional style standards required for production.
2. Press the commitment to implement the "three guarantees" free in charge to the customer designated locations tailored service.
3. Pack the internal use of plastic bags (or according to customer requirements for packaging).
4. To ensure the quality and quantity within the time stipulated in the contract on time delivery and acceptance.
5. guarantee delivery to the number of contract.
6. The tender offer and the same sample goods when submitting tender documents.
7. system for garment unit to build customer profiles system, set up the system for 24 hours contact person in charge of each unit to ensure smooth communication. The provisional comments made within 24 hours to solve to do, and deal with each issue of facsimile or in writing served on the other party.

Mangood's Aftermarket Service:
1. Acceptance of the way: according to customer specified delivery point of delivery, and to help customers classify clothing inventory, warehousing.
2. continue to service delivery, including modification, replacement.
3. If quality problems within 24 hours after receiving the notice to make solutions and answers. Time to solve the problem, according to the situation to ensure that within 48 hours to resolve.
Mangood's rigorous, scientific services, to ensure the strict implementation of the commitment to customer service projects, and always welcome customers MangoStrategy all the work carried out supervisory review at any time, we will provide all the customers advanced technology, full enthusiasm and good products.

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