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(1) Mangood's Profile
Guangzhou Mangood(HongKong) Garment Co., Ltd. is a professional company with design, production, sales of work clothing. Our headquarters is located in Chisha Haizhuqu of Guangzhou. There's convenient transportation and beautiful environment. Mangood was founded in 2001. We accumulated rich experience in the uniforms, promotional clothing, wear, medical clothing after decades of development. Our customers are from all the china even some from oeversee. We have been serving more than 1,300 customers. Mangood is Long-term partnerof many Well-known enterprises such as TCL Group, the Matsushita Group Guangzhou Honda, Dongfeng Motor,Zhuhai Gree Electric, Southern Power Grid, Guangzhou Provincial People's Hospital.
Mangood has a perfect management system. There're more than 30 people witdh master's degree, bachelor's degree. We have set up training departments to develop training system for staff's expertise, industry knowledge, customer service orientation regular training and assessment, to create a professional and efficient organization. And Garment Industry Association and maintained close contact, informed of the latest market, the implementation of the requirements of garment manufacturing production system to ensure that as a professional garment manufacturer standardization.Mangood has "credibility of the first quality first" as its purpose. "customer is God" philosophy and strict quality control, checking every production process, professional
testing process. Professional attitude to Man Supreme better understanding of customer needs, pre-sale, sale and improve the service system and meticulous care for each client. Whether it is the quality of service, or the company's corporate culture, high-Man is gradually step closer to the development direction of Chinese professional garment manufacturers platinum brand.

(2) Mangood's Brand
Building our Brand is neccessary of all enterprises' development. Mangood adheres to "customer is God" business philosophy, the quality of the starting point, a common cause in the enterprise and employees, the company and its customers development cooperation process, Man to high to high grade products to the market, singing all the way with partners counterparts, to glory! Package of solutions to address the corporate dress code, the company's different for different types of clothing industry registered the "MANGOOD" brand to meet customer demand.

(3) Mangood's Workshop
Mangood's Workshop is located in Guangzhou Tianhe District, Jubei industrial zone, plant covers an area of over 12,000 square meters, more than 500 employees, all kinds of professional equipment more than 1,000 Taiwan (sets), with annual production capacity of 1 million sets wear.
In addition to the production of various types of corporate uniforms factory, the return of domestic and foreign brand licensing company commissioned the production of all kinds of casual clothing. To undertake the brand: Manukau (Menno), Dina (Yedina), Restoration, high Mourinho (Coniao), the force flag (Reeky), Goering (Green), Free Bird (Free Bird), Toray (Toray ) Wait.

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