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Talent is the most important resource, high-quality talent to create business value, sustainable development, focused source of strength. We have "first-class talent to create first-class enterprise, first-class enterprise training class talent" as the company's talent.
"People first" is our business philosophy has always advocated. Have a group of industry officials and excellent management staff, as well as the formation of the company's unique corporate culture over the years is the largest of the two macro record intangible assets. Macro-ups of the business is in rapid development period, we look forward to more and better talents to join.

"Trying to retain people, the environment to keep people, pay and conditions, emotions keep people" is our consistent policy of employment. We advocate trying to retain people, it is to record the cause of the bigger macro and build a bigger stage for the talent to provide more opportunities for development; we stress the environment to keep people is to create "unity and harmony, professional and trustworthy, sound and pragmatic, innovative and enterprising "corporate culture within the company build a positive and progressive human resources environment; We maintain pay and conditions, because we believe that talented people can create a good benefit to the enterprise, the best people should get a better return ; We attach importance to keep people feeling is that we attach importance to personal talents, more attention and affection between colleagues in the team together.

Sales Manager (2)
1, the requirements
1. Male or female, 35 years of age, college degree or above;
2. With the same peer level more than three years experience in the market requires a keen insight into the hard, familiar with the market movements, the organizational ability;
3. Have their own customer base, successfully employed by the company will provide high quality accommodation and generous treatment.
Salary: Negotiable
Location: Guangzhou

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